AquaGreen plans, designs and constructs zero discharge aquaculture systems for saltwater, freshwater and ornamental fish in any climate, in any location.  

Video of VaserGroup facilities designed and supervised by AquaGreen 

AquaGreen’s system uses little energy, saves water, meets stringent environmental regulations, and cultivates fish in commercial volumes.

We provide a unique technology solution that effectively opens up all in-land areas worldwide to an economically-viable, resource-efficient and sustainable form of marine aquaculture development.

Our sustainable Aquaculture System provides a zero-discharge solution for growing clean, fresh, high-value saltwater species simultaneously, allowing production to precisely target weekly profitable market demands.

Fish can be cultivated in the desert or in the coldest climates with the growing environment controlled by low energy cooling or heating solutions.


The facility


and supervising


the operation

Range of our total planning, construction

and installation services:

Controlled feed

for low FCR

Manufacture and supply all plastic products – pools and protein skimmers

Sorting machines

and packaging


Energy efficient heating and cooling solutions



Filtration systems,


mechanical filters

Supply and installation

of pipeline systems

and pumps

Central electrical

mains box

Monitoring and

control systems

Nursery and quarantine

for early stage growth

Advice on import

of or local production

of fish feed

Advice on selection

of species for growth



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