Fully Controlled Fish Farms

Off / On Shore

Fish can be cultivated in the coldest climates or even in the desert  - with the growing environment controlled by low energy cooling or heating solutions.

Zero Discharge installations are built according to an innovative yet proven technology that ensures optimum water quality, ensuring fish are safely cultivated at high densities, cost-effectively, locally, sustainable, low energy-using and water-saving.


5% Discharge close to river or shore. As above without denitrification. Cost is 20% less than zero Discharge. 


Plug and Play Water Treatment for open pond fish farms - allows for high-density biomass ▼















Aqua Green fish farms offer small-scale fish farms of

10-20 ton per annum  ▼


  • Multi-module system allows growth of multiple species simultaneously. Each module produces 150 metric tons annual production

  • Capable of growing freshwater or saltwater finfish

  • Can be located anywhere - does not need to be next to large water bodies; located close to markets

  • Operators have full control over all culture parameters, including temperature, salinity, ph, water flow rates, production volumes and harvest scheduling

  • Intensive biosecurity measures (remote quarantining, continuous ozone and UV water treatment) secured and monitored facility, best practice operations protocols) ensure contaminant and disease-free operation.

  • Fish produced are "day fresh" for market


  • Unlike closed systems, suitability is related to location.

  • Suitable for saltwater fish species that can tolerate the incoming water temperature at the location (see next bulleted item)

  • Site must be located close to the sea OR close to a saltwater well/river/lake This means that sites must be located no further than a few hundred meters from the site- this is so that water can be easily pumped in.

  • Growing water is brought in from the sea and returned to the sea after it passes through algae filtration so returned water is clean with similar requirements for freshwater

  • This type of system can combine fish/shrimps/algae / fish-vegetables-flowers

  • Added value sale of micro and macro-algae AND/ OR sallicornia (used as cattle feed, human food) AND / OR mangrove (grows as bushes, trees so can be sold for firewood etc.) can all be grown from filtered water discharged from the system, same for vegetable by-product

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