Zero Discharge Technology

 We operate fully contained, zero-discharge aquaculture facilities.  The use of microbial and plant filters allows water and nutrients to circulate through the system.  

At no point in the production process does water leave our system. Our facilities prevent the release of toxic pollutants into the surrounding environment and keep the consumption of water to a minimum.


NH4+ → NO2- → NO3-


NO3- → NO2- → NO → N20 → N2

  • Fully-closed, zero-discharge solution
    for growing saltwater species of fish

  • Minimum consumption of water

  • Low energy use

  • Water quality control

  • Reliable, year-round supply of fresh fish

  • High output density of 100kg of fish per m³

  • Strong economic, environmental
    and social benefits

Schematic Outline

Open Salt / Freshwater RAS Agricultural Integrated System

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